Tips for slashing out car insurance premium

Car is one, among the costliest possessions of human and maintaining it needs good preparation on the owner’s side. Maintenance of a car is a costly affair and similarly needs a hefty budget. Hiding your car from on-road threats needs a healthy financial backup in form of car insurance.

Motor insurance gears up as protective shield for your car, however, can sometimes leave a dent in your pocket. Before sealing fate of your car’s future in the hands of insurance, be pretty sure that you have made a good enough bargain.

No claim bonus

Drivers who prove their safer driving skills on roads are appreciated by insurance providers in shape of no claim bonus. Car owners, who stay on the right side of the traffic signals, and avoid accidents and subsequent insurance claims, get no claim bonus, which slash upto 5% discount on your car premiums.

Mileage for driving less

By the logic of probability, any driver who drives less, is lesser likely to be involved in an accident, therefore, is credited by insurance providers in name of Low Mileage Discount. This discount is applicable to drivers who drive when it is needed and don’t roam around because they own a car.

Installing anti-theft devices

Anti-theft devices improve defense mechanism of cars against theft, hijacking or other crime based threats. Installing any anti-theft device before insuring the car draws discount from insurance providers. Make sure to ask your insurance providers, what margin of discount is admissible on your anti-theft devices.

Avail a combined insurer for different policies

Group all your insurance policies under one service provider. Insuring different items from same insurer will invite more discounts for your car. Discount may be upto 10%, however, is varying from one insurance provider to other.

Make premium payments annually

Amount of premium is lesser if paid annually against the monthly premium payment scheme. Payment of premium done in monthly scheme is convenient being a small amount, still it makes big difference, when administrative and service charges for other services like bank etc. is calculated for each month.

Research and compare prices of various insurance vendors

Doing insurance provider’s market research is a good idea and taking this trouble can save upto 20% surplus money, you would have been paying without doing it.

Web aggregator service is a worthy place to compare prices and other features of various car insurance policies from various insurance vendors. I use Policybachat for my online insurance comparisons.